New Jersey online poker

Online poker became a reality in New Jersey in the year 2013. Interestingly, NJ was among the first three states in the US to open its doors to online poker players. During the initial lunch of online gambling, close to fifteen online gambling sites were given licenses with three of them allowed to offer poker. As of now, eligible players can enjoy real money play at one of 7 poker sites authorized to hosts these operations. From the look of things, new powerhouses are about to make their impact felt in this industry.

Legality of poker in NJ

The legality of playing poker in New Jersey should not be a matter of concern. The legality/illegality of online poker became clear in 2011 after the DOJ ruled that only sports betting was not allowed in the US and not poker or casino, which paved way for the legalization of these games. It wasn’t until February 2013, when Gov. Chris Christie signed the online gambling bill, making it 100% legal for online gambling sites to partner with brick-and-mortar establishments.

Eligibility to play

Online gambling is legal in NJ, but there are some eligibility requirements that should be observed. The first requirement is that a player should be at least 21 years to participate in any form of poker. Secondly, you do not have to be a citizen of this state, but you must be within the boundaries. This implies that poker sites should use some geo-location software to ensure every player is within New Jersey. If you need to make deposits into your accounts while outside this state, the laws allow this, but you will only be allowed to play once you get into New Jersey.

Safety of online poker in New Jersey

Safety is a common concern among most gamblers. Thus, the Division of Gaming Enforcement subjects all poker sites to intense scrutiny, which tests each aspect of these sites for compliance. This way, players are guaranteed that their funds are safe, provided they are not gambling using offshore sites, player identities and personal financial information are always safeguarded, and most importantly, games are not crooked. If you are thinking about the possibility of colluding and cheating, the DGE has set adequate measures to curb the possibility of cheating.

Games offered in most NJ poker sites

Many types of online poker games are offered in NJ casinos. However, some games tend to be more popular than others. In NJ, the main poker formats available in online casinos include; cash games, Multi-table tournaments, Sir&G9, Lottery sit & GO. Notably, the NJ poker market is yet to accommodate fast-fold games.


The long and short of New Jersey poker rules is that you are only allowed to play with real money, you should be within the boundaries of this state, and the content should not be in any way under the actor’s control. The good thing about playing poker on this site is that it takes place on only legal and regulated sites.